Console and Tape Machine:

Neve 8068 - 32 Channel Recording Console with Flying Faders
(previously owned by producer Phil Ramone)
Studer A80 24 Track 2" Tape Recorder


Altec Big Red
Yamaha NS-10M
Perreaux 8000C Power Amp
McIntosh MC 240Power Amp

Digital System:

SSL XLogic Alpha-Link MADI-AX and
Apogee AD-8000 converters
Pro Tools 12


RCA BA-6A Tube Compressor
Neve 33609
Gates STA-Level
Gates SA-39
Neve 2254 2x
Neve 32264 2x
Neuman U473SP 2x
Universal Audio 175 2x
Universal Audio/Teletronix LA-3A 4x
Universal Audio 1176, 2x
Empirical Labs Distressor 2x
Anthony DeMaria Labs Tube Compressor/Limit 1000
Altec 1591A
Altec 436c
Inovonics 201 Peak Limiter 2x


Neve 31102 EQ/Mic Pre 32x
Pultec EQH-2, 3x
Pultec EQH-2S
Pultec MEQ-5
Pultec EQP-1A 2x
Pultec EQP-1R
Putec EQP-1
Peavey Kosmos

Reverb and Effects:

EMT Analog Gold Foil Plate Reverb
EMT 140 Plate Reverb
EMT 251 Digital Reverberation System
Eventide H3000,
TC Electronics 2290
Lexicon PCM 42
Lexicon PCM 41
BEL BD-240
Bel BD-80
Marshall AR-300 Tape Eliminator
Drawmer Dual Gates 4x
Custom circuit bent stomp boxes
Fisher Space Expander Spring Reverb with King Tubby mods
Quantec Room Simulator
Watkins Copicat Tape Echo


Neumann U-47 Tube
Neumann U-67s 2x
Neumann U-47s 2x
Neumann U-47fet 2x
Neumann U-87s 2x
Neumann Km-86
Neumann Km-84 2x
Neumann M-49s 2x
RCA BA-44X Ribbon Mic
Altec Salt Shaker 2x
Sennheiser 421 4x
AKG 451
AKG 414 2x
Sennheiser 441
Sure SM57 6x
Sure SM-7
Sure SM-58 3x
Sony C-37


Marshall JCM 900
Marshall JM
Marshall Plexi
Marshall JMP Combo
Vox AC-30
Vox AC-15
Fender Princeton Reverb
Demeter TGA-3
Watkins Dominator
Gibson 185 (1940's!)
Ampeg VT-22 Combo
Ampeg B-15 Bass Head With Cab
Demeter Tube DI
Custom Sabella Amps
built by Jim
and many more!


1978 Les Paul Custom
1980 Silverburst Les Paul Custom
1964 Rickenbacker
1972 Fender Strat, Custom Tele
by King Bee Guitars
1974 Fender P/J Bass
1973 Fender P Bass
1977 Gibson G3 Bass
1964 Fender Jaguar
and many more!
Baldwin Baby Grand Piano
Hammond RT-3 with Leslie Cabinet and Tone Cabinet
Vintage Ludwig Vistalite
Vintage Ludwig Maple
Noble and Cooley snare
Premier kick drum