Catch 22
Chain Daisy
Derek Trucks
Dylan Reynolds
Edna’s Goldfish
Electric Tongues
Eric Ashland
Eve Minor
Face First
Frank Owens
Freya Wilcox & the Howl
Gov’t Mule
Gypsy Wig
Ice Cube
Jack Douglas

Jason Waters
John Hampson
Kill by Inches
LL Cool J
Labou Loiseau
Marcy Playground
Metal Allegiance
Nine Days
Picasso Sight
Plastic Jesus
Public Enemy
Sue Helix
Suicide King
The Upwelling
Toots and the Maytals
Will Arnet


“There are too many great things to name about Sabella Studios. You have an amazing crew that works there and actually cares about the sound of your music and provides you with tips and advice to better improve you as an artist, Jim is one of the nicest guys there is and Will Harris; one of the engineers there..there is no project he can't tackle and make sound incredible. You have top of the line equipment and a vast assortment of microphones that will make you sound golden.” - Doug Galiardo

"Sabella Studios hits the mark when it comes to authentic analog recording. Whether our project called for the feel of a live take straight to tape, or the availability of expert ears giving the appropriate direction our project deserved, Matt Murphy and Sabella studios answered all of our recording needs." - Brendan Sullivan

“I love the studio and Will was awesome! Gave me a few pointers which were helpful. Definitely my studio of choice!!!” - Samié Louié

“Beautiful studio with great staff. The equipment they have available is top notch. The engineers are friendly but honest, which is what you want. Two thumbs up.” - Arthur Vandelay